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Alzheimer's Resources for the Care Giver
Mary Ellen Brown

On May 19, 2004 my Mom, Mary Ellen Brown, lost her long fight with Alzheimer's Disease. The fight took its toll on our entire family - to the point where I am only now (more than 2 years later) recovered enough to think about what I can do to help stop this terrible disease.

Obviously, more funding is needed for research and I contribute what I can each year. We need to pursue every promising lead to the very end. To this point it seems clear that we must campaign for the increased Federal funding of Stem Cell Research.

With this web site I would like to give the victims a voice of their own. I want to expand this site to display pictures of people who, like my Mom, have suffered with this disease.

Families are invited to add a picture of a loved one (living or not) stricken with this terrible scourge. The photos will be displayed on this web site. It is my hope that we will gather a significant number of "faces" to help demonstrate the scope and size of this heartless killer.

Please join me in this project.

Jerry Brown

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Contact me with questions or comments at alzheimers@designselect.com

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Available Resources

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